Mohamed Ebrahim Insurance Agencies is now on Bima App!!

Your Insurance solution on your mobile phone! download the BIMA APP on playstore
Simply go to google play store enter BIMA APP, download, register, and you are good to go. Receive quotes and pay for them in three simple steps!
1. Creating a quote
Create your Motor, Domestic,Marine, PA, Life, Medical, Micro, Travel quotes easily on the APP with the following steps:
* Once logged in go to i.e Motor Insurance Quotes
* Enter the KYC information required i.e name, car model, Picture of PIN,Logbook, ID e.t.c
* Choose your preferred Insurance Company. N/B: Only for purposes of testing the App, Choose Insurance Company Test 2
* Choose your Insurance products i.e Comprehensive, third party, from the companies product list, if the Insurance Company has no products its will show that non are available e.t.c
* Choose your Agency in, Choose Agent, from the list of agents provided for the transaction.
* Once done Click save and send, a copy goes to you, the Insurance company and the client instantly. Note all fields in RED are mandatory and are needed to complete the process.
2. Go to Make payment
* Go to “make payment” tab on the motor Insurance page
* Click on “Make payment” tab and then confirm your details are correct
* Enter a valid Mpesa transaction number
* Click confirm the payment
3. My Confirmed Payments
* Once your payment is confirmed by the Insurance Company , you will receive an e-mail with the policy number . You must confirm the payment under “Make Payment” to receive your policy number.
* Go to My confirmed payments and you will see all your confirmed payments based on the various categories i.e Motor, marine, domestic e.t.c
My Quotes
* Simply to to my quotations to view all your quotes,based on the various categories i.e Motor, marine, domestic e.t.c. N/B: you can also confirm payment form here by clicking on the “Make Payment ” tab and Confirm.
* Keep an Inventory of all policies bought, the price, the insurance company, expiry date and time of purchase..
* Track Sales in real time on the App.
Fill In My Claim form
* Start the Claims Process on your phone
* Take pictures
* Upload claims form and so much more
* Receive a copy of all claims in real time on the App.
Free renewals notifications
* Notifications are sent to your customers, you don’t need to think about renewals again!!
All on YOUR PHONE!!. ▪ Bima App – Kenya’s Premier Insurance App!!. ▪ Bima App – Kenya’s Premier Insurance App!!.