Subject: a $100 gift for you


My friend and colleague Bob Bly is one of the most experienced – and successful – copywriters I know.

In fact, McGraw-Hill calls Bob Bly “America’s top copywriter.”

On a recent visit to Bob’s Web site, I was blown away by all the valuable content … but unfortunately, the material I thought would be most useful to you had a hefty price tag on it.

To make a long story short, I twisted Bob’s arm – and he has agreed to give away to my readers 4 of his Special Reports absolutely FREE!

For a limited time only, Bob has agreed to send you, at no cost:

** Free Special Report #1: How to Double Your Response Rates at Half the Cost.

** Free Special Report #2: Secrets of Successful Business-to-Business Direct Marketing.

** Free Special Report #3: How to Market Information Products.

** Free Special Report #4: Online Marketing That Works.


Each report has a list price of $29 and is about 50 pages of content; total value of this package of reports is $116.


But this week only, you can get all 4 reports FREE when you click on the link below now:






CPA Mohamed Ebrahim


P.S. You will also get a free subscription to Bob Bly’s monthly e-zine, The Direct Response Letter.


There are way too many marketing e-zines published today. But Bob’s is one of a handful actually worth reading.


And now, it’s yours free. Just click below to start your subscription:




There’s no cost. And you may cancel without penalty at any time.

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